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Gout Curriculum for Rheumatology Rotation
Available May 26 - Jul 1, 2020

By Catherine Mannon - Med Peds

Course Directors
  • Susan Kroop - Medicine
  • Sarah Tarplin - Medicine
  • Catherine Mannon - Med Peds


The curriculum presented over the next 2 weeks was created for housestaff rotating through Rheumatology with an emphasis on interns. It is designed to introduce and reinforce core concepts of diagnosis and management of gout.

What Will I Learn?

By the end of this 2-week module, residents should be able to:

Acute gout:

1) Describe 2 symptoms and 2 physical exam findings typically found in a patient presenting with acute gout.

2) Create a differential diagnosis of 2-3 conditions that cause acute monoarticular inflammatory arthritis.

3) Select appropriate synovial fluid tests to order in a patient with acute monoarticular inflammatory arthritis.

4) Describe typical synovial fluid results in a patient with acute gout.

5) List 3 risk factors for the development of gout

6) List 3 treatment options for acute gout in a healthy patient. For each of these options, list common risk/benefits and contraindications.

7) List different treatment options in more medically complex patient populations, such as patients with CKD, inpatients with complex medication lists and comorbidities, and patients with a polyarticular flare.

Chronic Gout:

8a) List 2 indications for chronic urate lowering therapy
8b) Define serum uric acid goals for urate lowering treatment in patients with gout
8c) Define clinical scenarios where genetic testing is indicated before the initiation of ULT with allopurinol

9) Describe a treatment strategy for treating chronic gout

10) Describe 3 lifestyle modifications that patients may enact to help prevent gout flares

11) Encourage collaboration and cross talk with rheumatology colleagues in management of gout including simple or complex patients

Self-enrollment is no longer open for this course, it closed on 06/30/2020 at 08:00 AM


Course Type:On Demand

Time to complete: 2 Week(s)

Total questions: 17

Number of Learners: 2