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DCS Sim Lab Group 10 2022 QuizTime
Available Sep 6 - Nov 25, 2022

By Megan Adams - Psychiatry Mental Health Ctr

Course Directors
  • Jon Ebert - Psychiatry
  • Kathy Gracey - Psychiatry Mental Health Ctr
  • Tarah Kuhn - Psychiatry
  • Kelly Hill - Psychiatry Mental Health Ctr


This course provides a Spaced Ed curriculum on the core components from Sim Lab training. You will receive 1 hour of training credit for answering all 14 questions. All questions need to be answered - they don't have to be correct! It only takes about a minute to answer each question, so make sure you click the links and answer each question every week.

What Will I Learn?

Answer every question - you don't have to be correct, just be consistent! The questions will reference content you learned during SIM Lab training.

Credits Info

You will receive credit for answering all 14 questions.

Self-enrollment is no longer open for this course, it closed on 01/01/0001 at 08:00 AM


Course Type:Intructor Led

Time to complete: 5 Day(s)

Total questions: 14

Number of Learners: 18